Types of EMF Shielding Fabrics

Learn - December 05, 2020

EMF shielding materials come from many manufacturers and can be from several different types of materials.

You can buy EMF and/or RF shielding fabric as a bolt (plain material on a roll with no specific pre-determined purpose). Or there are other items made of EMF blocking fabric for practical uses such as blankets, curtains, clothing, jackets, phone cases, and hats.

Types of EMF Shielding Fabrics

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Cotton EMF Shielding Fabric

Cotton EMF shielding material typically comes as a premade product. It is a little harder to find as a plain sheet of material, but there are many useful items you can buy that are EMF-shielding cotton. Usually, it is for indoor use and comes as items such as sheets, curtains, or clothing.

You may see polyester as well, which is very similar.

Types of EMF Shielding Fabrics

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Mesh EMF Shielding Fabric

EMF shielding fabric can also come as a mesh material, which will come in a roll or a bolt of fabric.

These fabrics are best if you want to create an enclosure or canopy over a bed or an outside area. This is also the type of EMF blocking material you would want to make curtains, screens, or other window coverings since it lets some light through the thinner material.

You will find that mesh electro magnetic fields shielding material is the most breathable material; some EMF fabrics are thick and can be challenging to cut, but the mesh should not give you nearly as many problems. However, sometimes, thicker fabrics are better since the edges are less likely to fringe.

Types of EMF Shielding Fabrics

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Conductive Electromagnetic Shielding Fabric

Some shielding fabrics are highly conductive. Most fabrics are already conductive, but ones that are labeled as such are usually copper or nickel-copper. This makes it highly conductive. You can also find RF shielding/electric fields shielding nickel-copper-cobalt tape to use with the fabric.

Conductive EMF shielding material typically comes in a large roll of fabric or smaller pre-cut pieces of varying sizes.

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