Fire Retardant Yarns / Sewing Threads

Pre-oxidized Fiber & Para Aramid Fiber Blended Yarn

Model No.: YL-AYPP64

Material: 60% pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber, 40% para aramid fiber

Product Features

Pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber, which is called PANOX for short, is a new type flame-proof fiber arisen with the development of carbon fiber. This kind of fiber has a carbon content of 93% or so, in gray color, with the technical data as below

limiting oxygen index: 55~60%,

heat conductivity: 0.08~0.17J/(m·s·k),

elongation rate: 12~16%,

moisture absorption rate: 6%~10%,

strength: 1.6~2.3dN/tex,

initial modulus: 70~80dN/tex

It does not burn, melt, soften or drip, and can sustain 3 minutes in 900°C flames and will keep the original shape till carbonized. And it can be blended with other high temperature resistant high-strength fibers, such as para aramid fiber, so as to have better high temperature resistant and higher strength performances.

Para aramid is high-strength flame retardant fiber, usually used for bullet-proof fabric, the strength is as 5 times as steel.

This yarn made from these 2 fibers is the best for making fire retardant fabric, which can withstand 3 minutes in fire, non-flammable, not melting, not hot-shrinking and not hot cracking, also used as arc protective fabric, ATPV=11cal/m2, anti-flash fire 20000°C.


Fire and heat protective clothing for fire fighting, smelting, electric welding and arc

Fire barriers used in house and public places (curtain, mattress, isolation veil and inner lining)

Fireproof tent

Insulation materials for electric power and communications

Fire retardant jackets used in the fields of industrial, military equipments and facilities

Fire, heat and sound insulation materials used in the auto industry

Seat coat materials for automobile, train, airplane, etc.

Quality Standard

EN (ISO) 11612-2008

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