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100% Stainless Steel Fiber Knitted Fabric

Material: 100% 316L stainless steel fiber yarns

Weight: 780 – 1470 g/sqm

Width: 150cm

Product Features

100% stainless steel fiber knitted fabric is knitted by 100% 316L stainless steel fiber yarns. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, even surface, softness, high air permeability, high elasticity, as well as good electrical conductivity, low electrical resistance, good thermal conductivity, cutting resistance, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, etc.

Technical Data
Model No.:YL-SS165KYL-SS195YL-SS1101YL-SS1105YL-SS196
Material :100% 316L Stainless Steel Fiber Yarns
Width (cm):150
Length (m):10
Thickness (mm):
Weight (g/m2):65095010101050960
Elongation (%)length directions89%58%49%36%56%
width directions38%38%20%15%30%
Air Permeability (mm/s):86006600640052005700
Applied Temperature500 – 600 °C
Melting Point1380 °C

Heat resistant buffer material in glass product manufacturing process,

Heat insulation materials in other fields,

Filter cloth for acid or alkali materials, etc.

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