Silver Fiber / Plated Fabrics

100% Silver Fiber Ultrathin Knitted Mesh Fabric

Model No.: YL-SL100M

Composition: 100% silver fiber

Weight: 41 g/sqm

Width: 150 cm

Product Features

100% silver fiber ultrathin knitted mesh fabric consists of 20% silver and 80% polyamide / nylon. So it has good conductive/shielding performance, as well as actual textile characteristics and high transparency. This fabric is usually used for shielding against both high frequency and low frequency electromagnetic radiations (EMF). It's semi-transparent, and so perfect for making net curtain and bed canopy.

Technical Data

Composition100% silver fiber
Weight41 g/sqm
Width150 cm
Surface Resistivity< 0.5 Ohm/sq
Shielding Effectiveness> 45 dB / 99.99% (10MHz - 3GHz)

Shielding Effectiveness (SE) in Applications

Radio/TV 400MHz                 > 50 dB

5G 700MHz                            > 50 dB

GSM 900 MHz                        > 50 dB

GSM 1.8 GHz                           > 47 dB

Blue Tooth/WLAN 2.45 GHz   > 46 dB

5G 3.5 GHz                             > 45 dB

WLAN new Gen. 5.8 GHz        > 44 dB

X-Band Radar 9.5 GHz          > 43 dB

5G 27 GHz                              > 37 dB

SE dB / %

30 dB = 99.9%

40 dB = 99.99%

50 dB = 99.999%



Bed Canopy,


Room Divider,

Cell Phone Shielding,

Medical Care, etc.

Test Report

REACH Compliant

Shielding Effectiveness

Care Notes

Wash gently no higher than 30°C

Only neutral detergent

No bleaching

No drying in tumble dryer

No ironing

Notices of Silver Fiber/Plated Products

Our silver fiber fabrics do not contain any nano-silver but a solid metallic silver coating.

The silver coating will be oxidized after exposed to the air for a long time, resulting in discoloration. And, however, it has no effect on the conductive / shielding performance.

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