Stainless Steel Yarns / Sewing Threads

100% Stainless Steel Fiber Yarn

Model No.: YL-SSY

Spun from 316L stainless steel fiber

Product Features

Good conductivity;

Excellent performance of high temperature resistance;



High tenacity;

Soft and Ductile.

Technical Data
Fiber diameter
Yarn count16Nm/212Nm/211Nm/210.5Nm/27.8Nm/27Nm/26.5Nm/23.5Nm/2
Length (m/kg)80006000550052503900350032501750
Elongation (%)≤5
Resistance (Ω/m)50~60

Static discharge brush,

High temperature resistant sewing thread, tape, fabric and sleeve

Signal transmission line,

Electric transmission line,

Heat generating line,

Intelligent apparel, etc.

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