Nickel Copper Plated Conductive Fabrics

Pure Copper Plated Plain Woven Conductive Fabric

Model No.: YL-PCP49

Composition: PET/Cu

Thickness: 0.08±0.01 mm

Weight: 70±10 g/sqm

Width: 110/130 cm

Product Features

This plain woven conductive fabric is made with pure copper plated on polyester taffeta fabric. It has much better conductive / shielding performance, perfect protection against wide range of high frequency electromagnetic radiations and low frequency electric fields, usually used in electronic products and EMF shielding jackets / workwear, etc.

Technical Data
Density260±10 T
Thickness0.08±0.01 mm
Weight70±10 g/sqm
Width110/130 cm
Surface Resistivity≤ 0.1 Ω/sq
Shielding Effectiveness≥ 60 dB / 99.9999% (10MHz-3GHz)


Electronics, EMF Shielding Garments, etc.

Root Resisting Membrane

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