Silver Fiber / Plated Fabrics

55% Silver Fiber Silk-like Woven Fabric

Model No.: YL-SL55

Composition: 55% Silver fiber / 45% Polyester

Weight: 80 g/sqm

Width: 150 cm

Product Features

55% silver fiber silk-like woven fabric consists of 55% silver fiber and 45% polyester. So it has good conductive / shielding performance as well as actual textile characteristics. This fabric is usually used for protection against high frequency electromagnetic radiation, with high screening attenuation even at high frequencies, and can also be grounded for shielding low frequency electric fields.

Technical Data
Composition55% Silver fiber / 45% Polyester
Weight80 g/sqm
Width150 cm
Surface Resistivity< 0.6 Ohm/sq
Shielding Effectiveness> 50 dB / 99.999% (10MHz - 3GHz)

Garment, Curtain, Bedding, Medical Care, Wall Covering, Grounding, etc.

Care Notes

Wash gently no higher than 30°C

Only neutral detergent

No bleaching

No drying in tumble dryer

No ironing

Notices of Silver Fiber/Plated Products

Our silver fiber fabrics do not contain any nano-silver but a solid metallic silver coating.

The silver coating will be oxidized after exposed to the air for a long time, resulting in discoloration. And, however, it has no effect on the conductive / shielding performance.

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