Antibacterial and Temperature Regulating of Silver Fiber

Learn - July 04, 2022

Silver-coated fibers both kill bacteria and regulate body temperature and humidity, and even control body odor.


There is a textile that protects the skin, removes unpleasant odors from people, and blocks contaminants from medical textiles. Is this a new discovery? No, the ingredients have long been known: it is sterling silver. Scientists have known for a long time that silver is antibacterial. Although metallic silver has some clinical antimicrobial efficacy, it is only today that this discovery has been applied to consumer products.


The mechanism of metal silver killing bacteria is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In a warm and humid environment, silver ions have a very high biological activity - this means that silver ions are easily combined with other substances, coagulating proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane, thereby blocking the respiration and reproduction process of bacterial cells (don’t worry, silver ions cannot penetrate mammalian cell membranes).


Now, many medical products companies are looking into how to use silver in products such as surgical sutures, bandages and doctors' uniforms. In addition, many chemical giants, such as Dow Chemical Company, DuPont and Smith & Nephew, etc. have also started researching how to apply silver and other materials to antimicrobial fabrics. The silver fibers and silver fiber fabrics developed and researched by Hebei Yuanlong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. (YLshielding®) not only have antibacterial effect, but also have antistatic, good body temperature regulation and radiation shielding functions, which are actually three characteristics of metallic silver.


Air filter made of silver fibers


Antibacterial air filter: used in car air conditioners, central air conditioners, household air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners. Pure natural without side effects, antimicrobial time for decades, it is the most advanced product in the world.


Technological innovation 1:

Developed aramid (Kevlar) fiber and fabric (nylon) silver permeation & curing process. It is suitable for making microwave communication cable shielding layer (K1, K2, K3), GAST (B-grade and G-grade); making satellite, rocket shell composite materials, electromagnetic radiation protection, anti-static, fire retardant, high-temperature and low-temperature resistant products, etc.

Product advantages: 1420D silver content 33%-35%, surface resistance 0.5 Ohm per centimeter, within 10 Ohm per meter.


Technological Innovation 2:

The silver-plated fabric (nylon) can be washed more than 50 times, and has the international advanced level in the practicality of the product, and has the following characteristics.

All-natural: Silver fiber is made of pure silver, which is a natural element formed in nature. It has no toxic and side effects of general chemical products.

Heat conduction: regulate body temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer. "Silver" is the element with the highest conductivity on the earth. When the weather is hot, the silver fiber can quickly conduct and dissipate the temperature on the skin to reduce the body temperature and achieve a cool feeling. In cold weather, the pores of the human body shrink instead of sweating a lot, and instead emit radiation energy to regulate body temperature. The loss of body temperature is due to radiation effects, and silver is the most effective storage and reflection material, which can store or emit radiation energy back to the body for optimal warmth.

Anti-radiation, anti-bacterial, anti-static: due to the high conductivity of silver, as long as a small amount of silver fiber is on the clothes, the static electricity generated by friction will be quickly eliminated, so that the product has a comfortable feeling without static electricity, so the silver fiber can be very fast and efficiently conduct electricity out, prevent the human body from receiving electric shock, and protect the human body from electromagnetic waves (it can protect the fetus in the pregnant woman's womb from electromagnetic wave pollution). After strict inspection by the Shanghai Test Center in China, the silver fiber products produced by our company have achieved a shielding efficiency of more than 55dB in the electromagnetic frequency from 0.1MHz to 20GHz.


When developing and applying these functional materials, Hebei Yuanlong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. (YLshielding®) is constantly improving and optimizing it. At present, these fabrics are being used to develop and produce a new generation of military and civilian products, and mass production has now begun.

YLshielding® Silver Fiber / Silver Coated Fabrics for EMF 5G Radiation Protection

Double faced silver modal woven fabric

Double faced silver modal knitted fabric

Double faced silver cotton woven fabric dark gray color

Twin faced silver cotton woven fabric white color (bleached)

Silver fiber polyester colored woven fabric

Silver fiber polyester silk like fabric

Silver coated ripstop fabric for EMF screening

Silver coated stretch fabric for EMR protection

Silver coated knitted fabric for anti wave protection

Silver coated mesh fabric for electromagnetic wave shielding

YLshielding® Silver Fiber Yarns

99.99% pure silver coated polyamide (nylon) yarns & sewing threads

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